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New York Pilates

Elevating New York Pilates’ online presence, we seamlessly blend dynamic design with user-friendly functionality, fostering a virtual studio experience that mirrors the innovation and vitality of their brand.


Client Overview

New York Pilates is a chic Pilates company operating in the bustling New York City metro area, boasting 8 studios and continually expanding. The company offers both online and in-studio Pilates classes and provides comprehensive courses designed to train new Pilates instructors.

Industry Trends and Market Conditions

The fitness industry, particularly boutique fitness, has seen a surge in demand for personalized and engaging experiences. Consumers are seeking more integrated digital solutions, which include seamless booking systems, user-friendly mobile applications, and robust online engagement platforms.



New York Pilates and Anala

The overarching challenge for New York Pilates is engaging with their students across different channels to provide a trendy, streamlined experience while reducing manual work by staff. Our solutions involve web and mobile app development, custom integrations, and e-commerce development.

New York Pilates initially needed a reliable developer to implement a complex design for booking classes on their website. Following the successful implementation, they continued to expand the scope of work. Over time, Anala grew to a 4-person team supporting all technology requirements.


To tackle New York Pilates’ overarching challenge, Anala implemented a comprehensive suite of solutions focusing on web and mobile app development, custom integrations, and e-commerce enhancements. We continue to work closely with New York Pilates’ CEO and Creative Director to design compelling student experiences for each step of the registration and booking process. We also collaborate on experiences to motivate students between classes to  continue working toward their fitness goals.

Custom Website Development

Anala built custom integrations to modernize the user experience while maintaining compatibility with New York Pilates' existing studio management platform, which had a limited API. For example, we built the schedule and booking components that integrate into the New York Pilates web pages.

Mobile App Development

We developed a new mobile app that supports features such as guest bookings and multi-session checkouts, all while ensuring compatibility with the existing studio management platform.

WordPress Development

Anala migrated the website from an outdated WordPress theme to a new modern theme, enhancing performance and user experience. We also provide ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the site remains current and functional. These updates can range from adding additional pages or improving existing components.

Marketing Tool Integration

We integrated the website with Klaviyo for email marketing automation, enhancing New York Pilates's ability to engage with students through personalized email campaigns. We also integrated the website with Intercom to improve customer support and communication, providing a more seamless and responsive experience for students.

E-commerce Development

Anala built out a new Shopify experience that helps New York Pilates streamline the purchasing process for merchandise and enhances the overall shopping experience.



For New York Pilates, small projects can come from many sources and large projects from the CEO. We initially meet with the primary stakeholders, identify the requirements, define the expected deliverables, and determine a timeline. We also work with the CEO to determine priorities and budget. We are connected with the client via Slack and have regular communication throughout the day with stakeholders to get more information and share updates. When helpful, we’ll schedule a call to further discuss details, provide project updates, and demonstrate progress.

The Impact

By addressing the main challenge of engaging students across multiple channels and reducing manual work for New York Pilates staff, Anala has implemented comprehensive solutions that have significantly contributed to the growth and success of New York Pilates. Our consistent communication and proactive approach ensure that projects are delivered on time and meet New York Pilates’ high standards for quality and innovation.

New York Pilates has experienced 75% year-over-year revenue growth since partnering with Anala.

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