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Crinetics continues to focus on their business while Anala takes care of the other technological areas such as marketing tool integration and custom development.


Client Overview

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals supports patients, endocrinologists, and healthcare providers by developing therapies for endocrine diseases, such as Acromegaly, Carcinoid Syndrome, and Hyperparathyroidism. Their pipeline includes 9 drugs in various stages of development.

Industry Trends and Market Conditions

The pharmaceutical industry, especially in the endocrine sector, is witnessing significant advancements in personalized medicine and biotechnology. Increased investment in R&D is driving innovation, while regulatory environments are evolving to fast-track critical therapies. Additionally, digital transformation in healthcare is emphasizing the importance of robust digital marketing and streamlined operations to stay competitive.


Crinetics and Anala

Crinetics is a large, development-focused organization with heavy investment in research personnel, which has helped them produce innovative therapies to simplify the lives of their patients. Their marketing department, on the other hand, is small with a significant workload and responsibilities that range from event planning to website upkeep.

The small marketing team needs to work efficiently in order to balance the many demands for marketing support. With several high-profile conferences throughout the year, multiple social media accounts, frequent website updates, dozens of digital marketing campaigns, and increasingly complex technology, the team was falling behind on their deliverables. This is where Anala stepped in to assist the team, keeping them on top of those frequent updates.


Crinetics required support that had both technical and marketing tool knowledge to identify solutions for their site needs. Anala took up project action items and delivered results in a timely manner.

WordPress Development

In addition to routine website updates, Anala created custom plugins to assist Crinetics in simplying the management of their site. Anala also created custom microsites for several recruitment campaigns.

Marketing Tool Integration

Anala developed custom integrations between email, analytic, digital marketing, social media, and HR tools. The team also provided implementation support for various email, Google AdWords, and Facebook campaigns.

UX Design

With a growing amount of information being presented on the website, Anala provided UX support to reorganize the content and improve its navigation.



Crinetics worked with Anala to identify opportunities to automate existing processes and provide staff support where automation was not possible. As a result, Anala built custom integrations with their website and email provider to improve list segmentation. It also developed an integration with their HR tool to streamline the management of job postings. Anala provided further support through frequent website updates, custom email development, digital marketing campaign implementation, and reporting. 

The Impact

Through Anala’s efficiency improvements, several marketing activities were automated that would have required a dedicated full-time employee. Furthermore, the development support resulted in successful appearances at their conferences, increased patient and investor awareness of company products, and increased recruitment of trial participants. 

Several marketing activities were automated, saving 1,920 hours annually, equivalent to the workload of a full-time employee.

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